Type 2 EU Survey

Name: Dr Nicola Harman
Telephone: 0151 795 8771
Email: n.harman@liv.ac.uk
Comments: Help needed to share a new research project with people with type 2 diabetes
Dear Warminster Diabetes UK Group, 
I would like to introduce myself as a researcher working at the University of Liverpool on the SCORE-IT study. 
Our study has been added to the Diabetes UK website, however, we are aware that this has not been sent directly to members and that as a result some people might not get the opportunity to share their opinion.
We are therefore contacting individual Diabetes UK support groups with a request to share information about the study with their members.
The study is completed online and is open to anyone with type 2 diabetes. 
The aim of the study is to find out what results of treatment for type 2 diabetes are most important and should always be measured in clinical research.  By doing this we can create a set of core results used by all future studies. Doing this will make the research more efficient and speed up the time it takes for new treatments that work to become available to people with diabetes. 

The link to the study is www.scoreit.org.uk and there is additional information available on the website.
If you are holding a meeting or event in June or July I would also be happy to send you some flyers of the study.
Thank you in advance for your help, 
Best wishes
Nicola (on behalf of the SCORE-IT study team)