Diabetes Explained

The Warminster Diabetes UK Support Group were pleased to have Dr. Daley Morris as the guest speaker at their September meeting. The talk entitled the Real Food Lifestyle, encompassed  the causes, management and actions to alleviate the complications of living with diabetes. 

Diabetes is a lifelong condition where the blood glucose level is too high. There are two main types, Type 1, where the body can not make a hormone called insulin, and Type 2 where the insulin can not work properly. Type 1 can be treated by injecting insulin, whereas Type 2 may be controlled with lifestyle changes but often requires medication.

Dr. Daley Morris explained the causes, the symptoms and management of diabetes. He emphasised the need to avoid high glucose levels in the blood as over a long period of time, this can seriously damage your heart, eyes, feet and kidneys. But with the right treatment and care, people can live a healthy life and there is much less risk of experiencing these complications.

The doctor went on to explain how many people living with Type 2 diabetes do not take any medication but treat their diabetes by eating well and moving more. He highlighted the success of eating real food with a low carbohydrate density, limiting fake (processed) foods and being active - indeed, many people had gone into remission following this lifestyle change. However, he did emphasise that people on diabetes or high blood pressure medication should consult a healthcare professional as their medication may need to be adjusted. 

The talk was followed by a lively and lengthy Q & A session. The audience of 37 asked some searching questions and, judging by the notes that  were taken, they valued the information and advice received. Whilst some later browsed the leaflets on display, others appreciated that Dr. Daley Morris stayed on to answer further questions. Mrs Julie Ross, the mother of a Type 1 son said, "I really appreciated the time and advice I was given - the evening was most worthwhile". The secretary, Clive Wright said "the Avenue Surgery have been very helpful in advertising the event which has resulted in an increased attendance. Some newly diagnosed patients have benefited from the knowledge gained". He went on to say "The group greatly appreciate a busy GP willingly giving up his free time and we are most grateful to Dr. Daley Morris for his informative talk".