Diabetes Foot Awareness Pays Dividends.

The month of May was Diabetes UK Foot Awareness month and the Warminster Group arranged a talk on Thursday 25th. Juliet Wells, Surgical Chiropodist, and her colleague Daniella, started their talk advising on the simple steps for those living with diabetes to take to avoid complications. They advised on keeping feet clean, drying carefully, and how to cream afterwards - even if they were difficult to reach. The next phase was a demonstration of how effective a foot spar was and volunteers were requested to come forward for the spar. On examining one lady, Juliet discovered that she had an infected toe nail that needed removing. At this point the tension rose when she invited the audience to gather round whilst she described her actions. The clinical procedure was carried out efficiently whilst a fascinated group looked on. One member later commented that the evening had been well worthwhile - particularly for the lady who had been treated.