On World Diabetes Day, 14th November, Diabetes UK launched its "Future of Diabetes" report, presenting the findings of a huge consultation involving 9,000 people across the country - which included many from Warminster - who gave their views about living with diabetes and what they wanted for the future. The overriding message was that 64 percent of people living with diabetes experience emotional or mental health problems as a result of the condition. The full report can be read on the Diabetes UK website.


Warminster Local Group marked the occasion with a brief by Healthwatch Wiltshire, followed by a talk on "Managing Diabetes" by Lesley Amer, a diabetes specialist nurse. She outlined the effect of diabetes, the personal actions required to minimise further complications, and the 15 essential healthcare checks and services one should receive. The information was well presented and well received by the 31 attendees. The subject is so large that only the basics could be covered in such a short time, but but those present were given ample opportunity for individual questions. Furthermore, Lesley was able to explain the details of the 6 week course that Wiltshire Healthcare will run in the Civic Centre each Friday starting on 5th January. For further information on this course telephone 01225 711445.